You Can Stream The 2015 Super Bowl Online This Year — 10 GIFs That Sum Up How Awesome That Feels

We live in a glorious day and age of HBOGo, Netflix, and Hulu Plus — TV right over the Internet, when we want it and where we want it. Who needs TV, right? But then huge live events like the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the Super Bowl roll around and suddenly, the above triumvirate is useless. I mean, technology allows this generation to livestream eclipses, which is a natural occurrence happening in the sky above us all, yet there has been no way to watch a pop-culture defining live event online without some kind of cable subscription... until now. Because I'm about to tell you the best news in the world: The Super Bowl will stream live online!

That's right. Super Bowl XLIX is going to be livestreamed for your viewing pleasure on and on the NBC Sports Live Extra app on iPads, Android tablets and the iPod Touch (but not on mobile phones). You finally won't need a cable or TV subscription in order to watch the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks battle it out on the NFL's biggest stage. It's all part of NBC's “Super Stream Sunday," which will feature 11 continuous hours Super Bowl-related viewing: The game, those crazy expensive commercials, the halftime show starring Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz, and the post-game episode of The Blacklist, plus all the commentary on the game itself and Deflategate/Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's (foot)balls.

Sorry, I had to. But to echo Brady's sentiments, this is perfect. You might be asking yourself what the catch is and it's a small one — NBC's doing all this to increase awareness of its TV Everywhere app, which of course requires a cable subscription. Sadface.

For now, how about we enjoy the fact that a major live sporting event will be available to stream legally from the comfort of our laptops? So, let the celebration begin — with GIFs, naturally.

Yay, the Super Bowl is Streaming for Free

You Don't Have to Use Your Mom's Co-Worker's Cousin's LogIn Info

You Don't Have to Try Sketchy Streaming Sites

You Don't Have to Suffer Without Any Alternate Programming

Because new TV stops for the biggest sports game there is.

You Can Live Tweet the Game and Commercials Like Everyone Else

This Means You Can Watch the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl At the Same Time

Score! Take in the roughness and the ruff-ness (get it?).

You'll Be Ready in Case There's a Wardrobe Malfunction During the Halftime Show

Be on alert to screen cap Katy Perry or Lenny Kravitz at any moment.

And You Can Dance Along to All the Katy Perry Songs With Your Laptop

Or with your friends at a laptop Super Bowl Party. It's cool if you roll like that, too.

You're Pretty Much Getting 11 Hours of Free NBC TV

And that just feels the best, whether you have cable or not.

You Can Watch The Blacklist Live, Too

Because why wouldn't you? It's free!

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