Tommy Hilfiger Is Writing An Autobiography — 3 Unique Ways He Has Left His Mark On Fashion

Tommy Hilfiger, both the man and the brand, is a signpost of the '90s. He defined preppy, American sportswear during the decade and now, he is ready to tell his story. Yup — Tommy Hilfiger is writing his autobiography, to be released via Ballantine Books, a Random House imprint. The book will hit shelves in the fall, in conjunction with the celebration of the brand's 30th anniversary!

In the memoir, Hilfiger, who is now 63. will discuss everything from his upbringing as the second of nine kids in an Elmira, N.Y. family to his ascent to the top of the fashion industry, culminating in the success of his eponymous brand. Like any good life story of someone who has scratched and clawed their way to the top while facing obstacles, the book will spotlight the highs and lows and the ups and downs of being Tommy Hilfiger.

The designer is excited about telling his life story. "Reflecting on my experiences in the fashion industry over the last 30-plus years has been a wild ride, filled with milestone moments that have defined both my career and personal life. I always believe the best is yet to come, but so far: it’s been the adventure of a lifetime," he told WWD.

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Hilfiger's contributions to fashion are innumerable. His preppy, nautically inspired pieces are always easy to wear and customize. While not without criticism, such as sweatshop accusations that emerged in the '00s, Hilfiger has risen to become on of the industry greats.

Here are three key reasons Tommy Hilfiger has left his mark in fashion in unique ways.

1. He Once Owned and Operated The People's Place, A Clothing Store


Sure, it eventually went bankrupt when he was 25! But talk about a self-starter.

2. He Collaborated With Beyonce


Beyonce was the face of True Star and True Star Gold, Hilfiger fragrances that were released back in the '00s. True Star was a soft, sensual scent. I know because I actually wore it for a few months. This was way before Bey had her own perfume portfolio.

3. His Daughter Had Her Own Reality Show

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Anyone else besides me remember his daughter Ally and her at-the-time BFF Jaime Gleicher on that delightfully wretched, one-season MTV reality show Rich Girls? I admit to binge-watching back in 2003, since I liked how Ali styled her ever-present cargo pants and I figured if anyone had some cool and unusual style tips, it'd be the daughter of a major American designer!

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