Super Bowl DIY Decoration Idea: Transform Mason Jars Into Festive Football Mugs Perfect For Game Day

Looking for an easy way to add some football-themed decorations to your home for Sunday’s big game? Take a look at these festive football mug menu card holders by Hometalk blogger Glenna Anderson at My Paper Craze. Not only are they an adorable detail to add to your buffet table, you can make them with Dollar Store supplies and they’re such an easy DIY — talk about a touchdown!

For supplies, you’ll need mason jar tumblers, binder clips, brown and white craft paint and brushes, and some strong glue. Start by painting the tumblers brown and the lids and rings white. While you wait for your pieces to dry, write up a list of the party prep you still need to do.

When the white lids are dry, dig out some strong glue (Glenna used hot glue,) and attach each binder clip base to the middle of each lid. While your glue dries, turn back to your tumblers to add some painted football laces with your white craft paint.

Assemble your card holders and decorate some cards to fill them, or print out Glenna’s card template here. Keep in mind that parties tend to get a little messy, so if you want to keep your decor in play throughout the event, laminate your blank cards and write on them using dry erase markers.

If you end up with more football mugs than serving dishes, use extras to corral plastic cutlery or display mini team pennant flags.

Now, you’re one step closer to Sunday, and none the worse for wear. If that got you excited for more game day décor ideas, check out our #GameTime page on Hometalk, for lots more how-tos and DIYs from the Hometalk community.

Images: Hometalk