New Pastry Craze Alert: The Bruffin Is A Brioche Muffin Mash-Up, And We're Not Mad About It — VIDEO

Say “hello” to the Bruffin: the brioche/muffin mash-up you never knew you always wanted. According to co-creator Michael Bagley, the Bruffin is a pastry that has the shape of a muffin, but the texture of a brioche, similar to a "light flaky croissant". Described by The Bruffin Café website as “the perfect meal in a muffin,” the Bruffin comes in both savory and sweet varieties, most of which manage to squeeze in a number of meats and cheeses. The Bruffin Café (where the Bruffin was invented, natch) sells the hybrid pastries in twelve internationally-themed flavors. For example, the amazing-sounding Indian Bruffin contains masala curried chicken, chickpeas, and paneer, while the Canadian one features sharp cheddar and maple Canadian bacon, because of course. On the sweet side, you can buy a chocolate covered bacon and salted caramel Bruffin. (I could argue that this monstrosity combines way too many overhyped food trends within a single pastry, but I’m too distracted by wanting to put it in my mouth.)

Bruffins can of course be purchased at The Bruffin Café (there’s one in Gansevoort Market and another New York location opening soon), but you don’t have to be a New Yorker to sample this mutant pastry: The Bruffin Café has recently started shipping frozen Bruffins across the U.S., a development that is either really exciting or incredibly dangerous. Are we looking at a Bruffin takeover? I wouldn't hate it.

Image: ExpFoodandWine/Twitter