What Else Did You Expect From The 'Ted 2' Trailer?

Breaking news: The concept of a grown-ass man with a best friend who is a literal (if anthropomorphized) Teddy Bear is no less weird in sequel form than it was the first time around. But alas, that doesn't mean it's going anywhere: the first trailer for Ted 2 has arrived. I should warn you now: at one point it involves Mark Wahlberg lolling in a small sea of semen. But really, what else did you expect from this raunchy comedy?

The second Ted film — this time featuring Amanda Seyfried — is following the anthropomorphized Teddy Bear on a.... Civil Rights journey? The sequel finds Ted wanting to have a baby with his human wife, but the powers that be won't let him do things like sign a birth certificate unless he can prove that he's human. And so we enter a delightfully absurd civil rights allegory that I'm really gonna try not to think too hard about, for the sake of my own sanity.

Ted 2 is happening, you guys, and, from the looks of this hilarious trailer, it's probably going to make so much money.

This movie hits theaters June 26, 2015, so you've got approximately five months to prepare yourself. Even if you yourself don't plan to see this movie, then you need to at least prepare yourself for this movie. It's coming. Pun intended. Check out the trailer below.

Image: Universal/JoBlo HD Trailers/Youtube