Miley's Mom Is Her Homie

When a pop star hits her peak of twerk-induced media madness, there's often a tinge of judgey "But where are her parents in all this?" that follows her around. It's infantilizing and weird — this idea that an adult (albeit still young) woman should be thinking about her parents' reactions every time she decides to grind against Robin Thicke, but then again, so is our general relationship to more recent Disney alums. Besides, the most recent look into the MTV Miley Cyrus documentary, Miley: The Movement , shows Tish Cyrus, mother to the aforementioned twerker, proudly standing by her daughter's side, not a judgment in sight.

"Anyone who's ever said 'Where is her mother'?" Tish says in that Tennessee twang. "Right beside her," she answers herself. "Through good, through bad, through arguments, through crying, through I don't know what." Miley calls her mom her homie in her video, which we feel like is the highest compliment Miley can give.

Miley: The Movement, according to its trailer (which can be seen below along with the aforementioned first look), follows Miley as she "starts as a new artist" post-Disney and airs Oct. 2 on MTV. "Anytime I do anything, I wanna remember that this is what separates me from everyone else," she says. Well, that philosophy is certainly getting her talked about.