Learning Has Never Looked This Good

A lot of kids don't think of science as "cool," per se, but one retailer is trying hard to change that. J.Crew's children line Crewcuts and the American Museum of National History teamed up to create an exclusive collection of graphic tees that are so hip that kids will be clamoring to wear them to class, even if they still don't want to hit the books.

The AMNH, which is located in Manhattan's Upper West Side and holds more than 32 million specimens and artifacts, provided J.Crew's team of designers with special behind-the-scenes access to the curators' extensive archives. This collaboration resulted in a stylish, affordable, and educational collection tons of kids would be excited to rock.

T-shirt designs include the spotted leopard, the Tyrannosaurus rex (with its massive skull and 6 inch teeth), a selection of gems, and Neptune (with an awesome glow-in-the-dark design feature). All of the details of the collection have been reviewed by museum experts, so not only are they cool — they're scientifically accurate!

Crewcuts x AMNH is available at, the American Museum of National History, and select J.Crew stores. But if the descriptions haven't totally convinced you that science and fashion are a match made in heaven, take a quick look at some of the awesome designs below.

Images: Crewcuts