What is 'The Slap' On NBC? Here's What You Need to Know About The Polarizing Miniseries

NBC's new miniseries is certain to cause a lot of strong opinions when The Slap premieres Feb. 12. The show is about a family, who comes together to celebrate a birthday, when a largely polarizing event occurs, sure to split the family apart. The title might be an obvious giveaway as to what happens, an adult man (Zachary Quinto) slaps the face of a young boy, who is not his son, but the results are anything but obvious. In fact, The Slap, an eight installment miniseries, is anything but black and white.

This isn't the first time The Slap was a television series, it was originally an Australian TV series back in 2011. The shows are both inspired by the 2008 best-selling novel, The Slap, by Christos Tsiolkas. Melissa George, who played Rosie in the Australian version, reprises her role in the U.S. version — making her the only actor who will be a part of both versions, but she is not, by any means, the only face you may recognize.

But that's not the only thing to know about the upcoming drama miniseries that is sure to cause polarizing opinions on the subject. Here's your guide of things to know about The Slap, which premieres Feb. 12 on NBC.

It Stars Many Famous Faces

The series also hosts many famous faces. Peter Sarsgaard and Thandie Newton play a married couple who hosts the birthday party where the slap occurs. Also joining the cast are Quinto, Uma Thurman, Brian Cox, Penn Badgley, and Blythe Danner. Dylan Schombing will play Hugo, the boy who is slapped by Quinto.

It Was Well Received in Australia

While the story may make you ask how it can be prolonged into a miniseries, it seemed to work just fine for the Australian version. The Australian Daily Telegraph called the series "arguably the best Australian drama series produced that year," which should give you hope that the U.S. will also find interest in the story.

It's More than Just the Slap

There is way more to this story than just the slap that occurs in the preview. Not only does the show follow the fallout that occurs after the slap happens, it continues beyond the party, all the way to court.

It Is Sure to be Polarizing

The preview asks whose side will you choose, leading us to assume that this show is begging for a conversation to be opened up. And for some reason, I don't think that will be an issue.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/NBC (4)