With a 'Mean Girls' Cover Star, This 'Maxim' Cover is Hilariously Dated

It appears that Maxim magazine thinks that it's sometime in the mid-2000s, at least judging by the cover of its latest issue. Maxim's November edition stars Mean Girls ' Lacey Chabert, aka Gretchen Weiners, and also features headlines promoting interviews with Taylor Momsen, who starred on Gossip Girl until 2010, and Jackass' Johnny Knoxville. Because, you know, those are the people we care about in 2013.

We're not trying to knock the talents of Chabert or Momsen (the obnoxious Knoxville is a different story), but it's just a little confusing why they're headlining a major magazine cover when their biggest claims to fame happened years back. Chabert has worked steadily since Mean Girls, but her success has come from TV voice-over work, not anything too widely seen. She has a recurring role on ABC Family's Baby Daddy and a few projects in the works but still... it's kind of out of the blue, right?

As for Momsen, the 20-year-old quit acting after leaving Gossip Girl in 2010 (save for an appearance in the show's series finale). She's spent the last few years focusing on her band, The Pretty Reckless, which just began touring North America in support of their upcoming album, so her appearance on the Maxim cover makes somewhat more sense. Yet Momsen's music is not mainstream and, except for occasional modeling gigs, she's basically disappeared from Hollywood — so what's up with the publicity?

What's scary is that Johnny Knoxville — that obnoxious, annoying guy who made all those Jackass movies you ignored back in the mid-2000s — makes the most sense to be featured on the magazine's cover. His fourth Jackass movie, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, comes out in late October, and while the series was critically hated, it was a huge financial success. So Knoxville's place on the cover, unfortunately, is understandable.

But still, Maxim — the last time those movies were relevant (at least to non-teenage boys), it was 2005. You can do better than this.

Take a look at the outdated cover below:

Images: Paramount/Maxim