Makeup Expiration Date Guidelines To Help You Decide What To Keep And What To Toss During Your New Year Purging Sesh

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New Year's Eve may feel like last night, but *spoiler alert* it happened almost a month ago. Soon, this month will be a memory. You know what else should be a memory? That body glitter from middle school still taking up space in your makeup box. Consider this an intervention — one involving lots of makeup expiration date guidelines.

Since the new year is already off to a running start, it's time to do some winter cleaning, starting with your makeup collection. What are you still doing with the electric blue eyeshadow from your high school musical? TOSS. The trendy green mascara that your college roommate gave you as a Secret Santa gift? Bye, Felicia. The fake eyelashes you bought in bulk off Amazon during your '60s Twiggy phase? Give those babies away. The truth of the matter is your makeup collection is cluttered with old, unmatched, and unnecessary items that are taking up valuable space for new goodies. How can you put your best face forward in 2015 with five year old foundation you bought during that one Spring Break in Cancun?

Here's a shopping list of all your makeup essentials, complete with recommendations on when to keep, when to give away, and when to toss. Trust me, this is for your own good.

Images: nuwatphoto/Fotolia

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