Whose Voice is in Mercedes' Super Bowl Ad? Are The Tortoise & The Hare Famous Actors?

Mercedes' new Super Bowl ad puts a brand new spin on the classic Tortoise and the Hare tale, and might just win the race in terms of story and visual appeal. Released earlier this week, Mercedes debuted their 2015 Super Bowl ad on Monday on Ellen, entitled "Fable," and proved that old, beloved stories can get a brand new ending that will be just as easily embraced. They took the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare, and gave the tortoise the gift of speed in the new 2016 Mercedes AMG GT S.

Now, the best part of watching any big-budget animation segment is figuring out the famous actors attached to the character voices we're hearing. Of course, Mercedes used the calming voice of Jon Hamm to narrate the ad, but according to iSpot, they also used Robert Bogue as the voice of the Hare, and Robert Stromberg at the helm as director.

Robert Stromberg directed Maleficent and has worked in visual effects on basically any and every movie you've ever loved, but specifically 2012, The Hunger Games, and Life of Pi, to name a few.

You might know Bogue from his recurring roles on Oz, Guiding Light, and Wallflowers. He's not a super recognizable face or voice, but maybe soon, you'll be hearing and seeing him more frequently. He has a few films in the works, including titles such as Joker's Wild with Eric Roberts, and he will play Robert Reagan in Price for Freedom.

The hare may have lost this race, but Robert Bogue's smooth croon just won our attention. We're listening, Mr. Bogue.

Image: Fable/Mercedes