Katy Perry's Surprise Halftime Guest Is Revealed

by Kadeen Griffiths

This is just a rumor, but this is one of those rumors that I already have my fingers and toes crossed is 100 percent true. We already know that Lenny Kravitz is joining Katy Perry as a special guest during her Super Bowl Halftime Show, but Perry has been teasing the appearance of a second secret guest whose identity she refused to reveal. Well, this news didn't come from Perry herself and thus should be taken with a grain of salt, but, according to Vulture, Missy Elliott has joined the Super Bowl Halftime Show — and I have just completely lost my chill. I am not Elsa, you guys. I cannot let this go. Lenny Kravitz is one thing, but Missy Elliott? I can't deal. I cannot deal.

Apparently, Perry "wanted to bring someone back. A throwback of sorts that definitely needed some more shine. All I can say is it will be a real female fun night." You know who basically defines female fun? Missy freakin' Elliott. Remember when she and Ciara teamed up for the absolutely fantastic song and music video "Lose Control?" Is there anything about Elliott's single "Work It" that doesn't make you want to get up and jam like it's still the early '00s? Do I even need to mention "Get Ur Freak On?" And is there any amazing artist left in the game that Elliott hasn't worked with?

Even better, the addition of Elliott displays the sheer amount of musical randomness and creativity that we can expect out of the halftime show. Perry is a pop star. Kravitz is a rock and roll god. Elliott is a hip hop and rap genius. Exactly what do these three artists have in common besides the Halftime Show? Very little if you listen to any of their songs. Perry warned that her version of the Halftime Show was going to be huge and random, but there's a difference between big and random and pulling a name like Missy Elliott out of your hat. Please let it be true.

At this point, the only real question for me is if Elliott will be performing a medley of her greatest hits (reformated to be more TV friendly, of course) or if she'll be doing the backing vocals on a Perry track (Kanye's part in "E.T." perhaps) or if, please, please, please, she'll be debuting new music. I know this Halftime Show is supposed to be about Perry, but throwing in names like Kravitz and Elliott? I have to admit I'm more exciting to see what they've got up their sleeves. And you can never go wrong with "female fun," as Perry puts it, since that will be a lovely breath of fresh air for the women who don't like football but are dutifully sitting through the Super Bowl anyway for whatever reason.

Hopefully, no one artist's star power will overshadow that of the others, and the three performers put together a cohesive show the likes of which would be impossible to conceive of without each of them being present.