Olivia Palermo x Ciate Will Nail Their Makeup Line

Ciate London is taking a massive step forward with its product offerings and it has hired a style maven to assist with the task. Innovative British nail brand Ciate has appointed Olivia Palermo as guest creative director to help them expand into color cosmetics beyond nail enamel. Palermo will help lead Ciate to the eye shadow and lipstick promised land.

Earlier this week, I reported that nail color sales were on the decline, because they are, and it indicated the nail art trend was experiencing a valley, after years of unprecedented peaks. I wasn't quite ready to sound the death knell for nail art and now, this partnership restores my faith in nail color and nail art.

Ciate is known for its unusual textures and unique colors —I dare you to not play with Ciate at Sephora nail kiosks. I can spend like 20 minutes, easily, messing up my own salon mani while testing out their polishes and seeing what a tweed-like black polish looks and feels like on my own nail or on the clear tape strips provided at the display. It's seriously polish playtime.While I love Palermo’s chic city-girl style and find her natural beauty rather breathtaking, it’s still amazing to me that she has extended her 15 minutes of post-MTV reality show fame so effectively. She’s the East Coast Lauren Conrad. I guess you can't argue with timeless taste. More power to her.


So why does Ciate x Olivia Palermo excite me? Oh, for a variety of reasons. Here’s everything we know about the Palermo collections—plural!

1. Bespoke, Bespoke, Bespoke

The brand and the style authority, as Ciate referred to Palermo, will debut bespoke packaging, product, and formulas. That means unique!

2. Mark the Calendar for May


The summer collabo debuts in May. It makes sense for the partnership to start off with what Ciate does best and that’s polish.

3. London Colour

The first set is dubbed "The London Colour Collection," featuring three nail polishes that are both fashion forward and suited to any and every skin tone. This collection will boast mesh lock technology, which means long-lasting manis, less chips, and stronger nails. Those are all mani deal sealers for me!

4. Fall 2015 Will Bring Lipsticks And Palettes


The fall 2015 collabo will feature Ciate’s first "other" color products. Palermo's goal is to make every product look and feel like a fashion accessory. Forget baubles! Let your lips and eyes be your bling, right? Moisture-rich lipstick, smoky eye palettes with weightless shadow formulas for supreme blendability, and a contouring compact are on the docket. Palermo is known for dem cheekbones and you’ll be able to emulate.

So that's pretty much what we know! I'm definitely anxious to see the results of the Palermo x Ciate collaboration.

Images: Getty (3); Giphy (2)