DSquared's Colorful Ads Look Warholian, Proving That Pop Art Will Never Die

Over the past few seasons, fashions ads have become more and more interesting. I will admit that I have a framed black and white Chanel ad on my wall, featuring Joan Smalls balancing effortlessly on a trapeze over the ocean because it looks terrifying and gorgeous, in that order. DSquared's colorful Spring/Summer 2015 ads are totally Warholian, at least to my eye! They come across as a modern, millennial, and minimal interpretation of the artist's famed portraits of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, among others, thanks to the up close headshots of model Julia Bergshoeff, which are drenched in red, blue, and yellow.

Fashion "It" photogs Mert and Marcus lensed the shoot and Bergshoeff looks cute with her messy bangs and her white blonde shag cut. But what really makes these images come to life are the bold, saturated colors. The shots to the left are so striking that I almost forget about the clothes and bags I am supposed to be looking at, like that boxy and lemony briefcase bag. That's something else. But I almost missed it, simply because my eye was so drawn to the color dipped-ness on the other half of the ad.

It's a unique visual strategy, that's for sure, and one that nods to a past era in its own way.

I love how Bergshoeff is doing her best Uma Thurman here. Cue up the Fall Out Boy song.

How about those boxy cuts, on the bag, the shirt, and the shorts?

Images: DSquared (3)