Poetweet Turns Your Twitter Account Into the Most Magnificent Poetry You'll Ever Read

There's a strange kind of poetry to Twitter; at once constrictive and freeing, the 140 character limit inspires a unique kind of creativity, which, when mastered, can result in some interesting phraseology. In case you've ever wondered what that metaphorical poetry would look like as literal poetry, though, good news: A site called Poetweet turns your Twitter account into a poem, and it's all kinds of amazing.

According to the LA Times, Poetweet is the creation of the Brazil Contemporary Art center, also known as b_arco, in Sao Paolo; its intent was to spread the word about the creative writing workshops offered by b_arco. Given its Brazilian origins, it's not at all surprising that the original version of Poetweet was in Portuguese — but I'm definitely not the only one out there who is absolutely thrilled it got translated into English. Because you guys? It is the best. It's kind of like the online equivalent of Magnetic Poetry, only better.

It's super simple to use, too: All you need to do is provide Poetweet with your Twitter handle, then select one of three types of poems (a sonnet, a rondel, or an indriso). Then it gathers everything it needs from your Twitter account and delivers you the most magnificent piece of poetry you never knew you had inside you.

So here — let's have a little fun with it. I ran a whole bunch of notable Twitter accounts through Poetweet; here are the results:

1. Barack Obama: Sonnet

America endures, indeed.

2. Michelle Obama: Rondel

I like that this one ends with a question.

3. Mindy Kaling: Indriso

Any space Mindy Kaling occupies is a cool space. Even if it happens to have an unfinished sentence at the end of it.

4. Feminist Hulk: Sonnet

Not going to lie: This one is my favorite. Feminism! Comic book characters! A ridiculous title! Nothing but capital letters! It has it all!

5. Kim Kardashian: Indriso

It's worth noting that an indriso is a modern, free-form scheme that has its roots in the sonnet... but this is pretty unusual even taking that into account. Who knew Kim had it in her?

6. Kim Kierkegaardashian: Indriso

If you don't follow Kim Kierkegaardashian, get on that ASAP. You won't regret it. I promise.

7. Angela Bassett: Rondel

Profound. Then again, I'd expect nothing less from Angela Bassett.

8. Death Star PR: Sonnet

It's fitting that Death Star PR's poem is entitled "You're Fired," is it not?

9. Anna Kendrick: Indriso

"*Whizzing past sound effect*" is my new favorite thing.

10. Welcome to Night Vale: Sonnet

Brought to you by the Night Vale Library Summer Reading Program.

11. Margaret Atwood: Rondel

When Margaret Atwood tells you to look up, you look up.

12. Ser Pounce: Indriso

Ser Pounce the Cat: The great, lost poet of Westeros.

Images: JKim1/Flickr; Poetweet (12)