Weather Map Goes Crazy On Air, Weatherman Hilariously Rolls With It — VIDEO

Either Armageddon is happening right now in Arizona, or there is something fishy going on with the weather technology there. A live Fox10 weather broadcast in Arizona on Tuesday went hilariously awry when the station’s Accuweather map started showing temperatures approaching 3000 degrees in the towns surrounding Phoenix. I mean, we all know it gets crazy hot in Arizona, but temperatures like that are enough to melt steel. The best part about this video is weatherman Cory McCloskey’s ability to simply roll with the glitchy screen. Without batting an eye, he points out that Ahwatukee’s temp of 1270 is a little high for this time of year, and goes on to suggest that “Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, they don’t look good either, and frankly, Wickenberg [clocking in at 2385 degrees] is a total loss.”

McCloskey offers viewers some practical advice about how to handle the apocalypse: “I’m not your dad, but I would get out while you still can...Cave Creek, there’s probably nothing left up there right now, so don’t even bother looting up there; it’s not gonna be worth it.” Props to you, sir, for your hilarious pragmatism in the face of buggy technology. You’re just the kind of guy I’d want to have around during the real End of Days.

Image: YouTube