What's The Song In The Nationwide Insurance Commercial With The Grown-Up Kids? You Know These Singers — VIDEOS

Being an adult can be tough noogies (ah, spoken like a true ah-dahlt). You’re charged with lots of responsibilities (Taxes and bills and meetings! BLECH), your body can betray you without warning (What do you mean I can’t sit down on the grass in between sets at Coachella to eat a plate of stir fry without my lower back seizing up when I decide to stand?), and the mystery of who's behind the music in that Nationwide Insurance commercial with the grown-up toddlers keeps you up at night. Oh, wait. That last one isn't real. Thanks to the Internet, you can obtain the answer in, like, two seconds. The song in the Nationwide Insurance ad is “You Don’t Know Me” by Ben Folds featuring Regina Spektor.

(Hey, do you know what’s harder than being an adult? Being a toddler who has to act like an adult. I could be wrong, but I think the Nationwide Insurance ad’s message is “Next time you’re freaking out over a broken car mirror, remember: You could be a TODDLER dealing with a broken car mirror.” A great point.)

The track appears on Folds’s 2008 album Way to Normal. The music video for “You Don’t Know Me" as directed by the great Tim Heidecker and the great Eric Warheim:

BenFoldsVEVO on YouTube

I can't handle how stinkin' cute this commersh is:

Image: NationwideInsurance/YouTube