Lindsay Lohan's Esurance Super Bowl Ad Was Super Average, & Probably Deserved an Amber Alert — VIDEO

There are so many odd things about Lindsay Lohan's Esurance Super Bowl ad. First of all, there's the fact that Lindsay Lohan, troubled former teen star who has grappled with drugs and multiple DUI arrests, has been recruited to promote a company. Secondly, there's the fact that the last time Lohan was associated with a Super Bowl commercial, it really didn't go over that well. And, finally, there's the fact that Lohan, the woman who was once deemed "uninsurable" because of her questionable extracurriculars, is shilling for Esurance, an insurance company. But, then again, perhaps that's precisely what the company is going for — if Esurance can help the uninsurable, then it can certainly help peons like us who are, let's face it, more likely to get hit by accident-prone Lohan than get into an accident ourselves.

So, the circumstances surrounding the ad are certainly strange — but the ad itself? It was pretty run-of-the-mill. Lohan simply pulled up like a maniac in a mini-van (isn't it crazy? Lohan in a mini-van?), delivered some lines about her being just like a mom, possibly thought about kidnapping two innocent children (?!), and then in came John Krasinski's familiar voiceover.

Practically every other commercial dropped before the Super Bowl (even the one with Danny Trejo acting like Marcia Brady, for crying out loud), and this is what we had to wait for?

That said, it seems we could see something more interesting later in the game. As Lohan herself tweeted:

Good thing, because even I Know Who Killed Me was more interesting than this.