Here Is A Baby Dressed As A Chipotle Burrito (That's Pretty Much All You Needed To Know, Right?) — PHOTO

For all of you who have ever thought that the act of swaddling a baby is kind of like wrapping a burrito, well, you’re not wrong. Snuggly wrapping a baby in blankets feels surprisingly reminiscent of watching someone at Chipotle put together lunch, a sensation that is only compounded by the fact that Chipotle burritos and babies are roughly the same size (though I think that says more about the massiveness of Chipotle burritos than the…burrito-ness of babies). The parents of the ridiculously cute baby below followed this similarity to its natural conclusion by dressing their little one in a full-on Chipotle burrito costume. This costume—which actually looks surprisingly easy to make—includes a fabric tortilla and a bit of veg, all tightly bundled up in foil. The tableau is completed by guacamole, chips, and a soft drink.

I think that parents should dress their babies in costumes as often as possible. Both because it makes the world a cuter place for the rest of us, and because parents of young infants are stressed out and sleep-deprived and they should take as much joy as they can from having a tiny, helpless human at their disposal. Babies don’t yet have the mental capacity to care what they look like, so why not dress them in ways that create as much hilarity as possible? Then please put the pictures on Twitter so we can all be happy.

If you, too, would like a burrito child, but you’re feeling really lazy, you don’t even need to bother with replicating the burrito itself. Just wrap your kid in foil and, ­voila!­ A human burrito!

Image: Eric/Flickr