Wanna See Baby Pattz?

Robert Pattinson is primarily known for stealing fans' hearts as vampire Edward Cullen in the crazy popular movie series Twilight, based on the bestselling novels. When the movie franchise was in its prime, it was not uncommon for Pattinson to deal with screaming girls chasing after him when he was spotted in public settings. But in interviews, he always played things cool about his charm and appeal with the ladies, so fans might not know that he always had charm on his side, even as a youngin. That's right, young Robert Pattinson was quite the charismatic lad.

As a Twitter search for old pictures of the British star reveals, Pattinson was basically born to be a heartthrob, as much as he tries to play it off in interviews. From his beaming toddler smile to his Hogwarts robe that he donned as Cedric Diggory for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, fans are obsessing on social media about his perpetual ability to make their hearts melt. And it's no surprise — the pictures are adorable! Pattinson might hate being described as "brooding," but hopefully he doesn't mind "cute" or "awww!"

Let's have a look back at some of Pattinson's cutest moments before he hit it big in Hollywood.

The toddler photo is a great place to start. This is a face that would be incredibly hard to say no to if he said he wanted to eat some extra candy.

Next, let's move on to his early school days. The pictures on the left and on the right may show off his adorable smile, but the one in the middle is undoubtedly the best. Pattinson's look is so relatable to anyone who had to wear a stiff school uniform every day. A moment of silence for young Pattinson and for the extra ironing that surely went into that crisp outfit...

Then, this is Pattinson as a teenager. Clearly, puberty was very kind to him. Not a pimple in sight!

No brooding in sight here! A good-natured grin is a good look for teenage Pattinson.

Never mind, back to brooding...

And of course, a collection of photos of a young Robert Pattinson wouldn't be complete without a snap from his Harry Potter days, before he moved on to Twilight and became a household name. We'll miss you, Cedric!

And of course, here's a handy reminder on what Pattinson looks now:


Pattinson can say what he wants about his lack of charm, but pictures do not lie. Carry on!

Image: Getty Images