This Video Of Chris Christie Falling Off A Chair Is Pointless, But Will Make Your Friday So Much Better Anyway

Let's face it: we're all suckers for slapstick sometimes, especially when it happens off the screen and in real life. And especially when it happens to someone prominent, like, say, the governor of New Jersey. On Friday, Philadelphia's Sportsradio 94WIP released footage of Governor Chris Christie falling off a chair when he visited the studio for an interview last June. The never-before-seen footage shows Christie entering the studio excited to chat football but quickly losing all dignity when he goes to sit down and slips off the chair, even letting out a sad little "whoa!" on his way down. Yes, it's just as funny as you'd expect Chris Christie falling off a chair to be.

Governor Christie joined the WIP Morning Show on June 9 to talk about his love for the Dallas Cowboys. Before the interview even began, however, Christie gave the show the best story it could have possibly asked for. Christie went to shit down in his designated chair, which was one of those office chairs with the wheel feet, and he slipped right off and onto the floor in a move that was more Rob Ford than possible U.S. presidential candidate. Scratch that, Christie's chair fail kind of makes Rob Ford look like Fred Astaire. A staff member rushes to help the fallen politician as WIP Morning Show host Angelo Cataldi says, "Hold on, we've got a chair issue." It appears that they were live on the air as this happened, which is just icing on the cake. When Christie finally gets back on his feet, he smiles and says, "We're alright now," but if you look closely you can see a faint twinge in his eye that says, "I'm totally going to cry in the shower later."See for yourself (and try your best not to spend the next hour watching it over and over again):

Cataldi kept the footage a secret until Friday morning, when the show released the clip as part of 94WIP’s Wing Bowl 23. It may seem like all fun and games at first, but if you really think about, it could potentially reveal something much deeper about the man who very likely will run for president of the United States. I mean, first there was the embarrassing Bridgegate scandal, and now this. But just how serious is Chairgate?

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

From a logistical point of view, it could be an indication of a rather severe condition that could seriously impede his presidential duties. Has Christie been hiding his inability to sit down for years? When was the last time anyone actually caught him on video sitting down? Do the cameras start rolling after a team of specialists have already helped him into the seated position? If Christie hopes to become president one day, a position that would require both copious amounts of sitting and constant cameras on him, how does he expect to get past his hindrance? Only time will tell.

At least he was cleared of one major obstacle on Friday. Next on the list? Chairs.

One more time:

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