This the Fashion App You've Been Waiting For

Even before the Norwegian series "Sweatshops " was trending on Twitter, I tried to shop as ethically as possible. And now, thanks to a new app by Orange Harp, my fair trade shopping addiction just got a whole lot easier to give into. And no, I'm definitely not mad about it.

According to the International Justice Mission, an estimated 29.8 million people currently participate in forced labor. When I first realized that this injustice was still happening in all over the world, I knew I had to do something about the guilty knot growing tighter in my stomach. I stopped eating certain brands of chocolate because of their ties to the slave trade and I started researching clothes before I spent my hard-earned cash on them. This past semester, in an immersive learning class, I made a digital fair-trade fashion magazine featuring a fashion spread using only fair-trade clothing, from head to toe, and all of it was totally affordable. But it was surprisingly difficult to find the pieces.

Luckily, it seems I'll never have such a hard time finding ethically sourced clothing again. Fair-trade fashion just took another huge step in the right direction. Orange Harp is the first app to make ethical fair-trade online shopping actually easy. On the app, you can shop for anything — from socks and jewelry to shirts and pants. And, my favorite part, you can meet the artisans that made your garment and 1 percent of their revenue goes to Not For Sale, a non-profit organization that raises awareness and funds for international human trafficking. Take a look at some of items you can shop now.

Graphic Tee's

Beyond graphic T-shirts, the app also has blouses, cardigans and jackets. But I'm currently in the process of creating a capsule wardrobe and this is exactly the tee that I've been looking for. These were made 100 percent in the USA and a portion of the sale (for this particular shirt) is donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Orange Harp has a shirt for every state and each one gives to a different organization.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are necessary year-round. And so is houndstooth. These are only $25! They're actually made from plastic bottles. I dare you to not buy.

Work Pants

I'll admit, sometimes the struggle with fair trade clothing is that it isn't formal enough to wear to work. These, however, I would wear every day, partially because they're adorable and partially because they're silk. So basically, I'd be wearing pajamas to work. They're a bit pricier, but made with organic and natural fair-trade fibers. Plus, free shipping...


So this is technically a cover up, but spring break and summer are right around the corner. This garment was made in fair-trade working conditions and a portion of the money is donated to the American Red Cross, Burn Institute, and The Hunger Project.


I had to include, because Valentine's Day. I don't know what it is about fair-trade jewelry, but I always find it more interesting than store-bought jewelry (that doesn't include you, Tiffany's).

Skin Care

I love organic toner more than anything. And although this costs more than the product I currently use, I'm willing to splurge because there are no parabens or synthetic preservatives. This product is also made in the USA and is certified non-GMO. My skin is so going to thank me later.

Download Orange Harp for yourself to see how easy, affordable and cute fair-trade shopping can be! And in case you still need something for your S.O., check out this Valentine's Day gift guide of their products!

Images: Getty; Orange Harp (6)