Tatiana Maslany Lands ‘Star Wars’ Lead Role Allegedly & Here’s Why They Would Be Lucky To Have Her

I hope you're sitting down, because this is about to get good. The word on the street has been that Tatiana Maslany is one of several actresses in consideration for Star Wars, a list which included big names like Rooney Mara and Felicity Jones. And that kind of news is pretty darn exciting to those of us who are huge fans of Orphan Black and have, sadly, been watching lead star Maslany get snubbed or lose out at almost every award show ever. However, the new rumor on the street is that Maslany has landed a lead role in Star Wars, although, as with practically every role from Star Wars, there are no further details about it other than it is, in fact, a leading role. And, if true, that is the best news ever, you guys.

I mean, you are going to hear a lot of jokes about this if Maslany really has been cast, but the truth is that she could probably play everyone in the Star Wars film all buy herself. The males and the females. (Except Lupita Nyong'o's role, because Lupita Nyong'o.) On Orphan Black, the show that made Maslany into a true star, she plays a woman named Sarah Manning who discovers that she's a clone — and then Maslany plays every single one of the clones, even occasionally playing a clone pretending to be another clone. At one point, she also played a clone pretending to be a clone who was pretending to be that clone's husband. It's acting Inception.

But that's not all that Maslany is famous for. Let's take a trip down memory lane and familiarize ourselves with all the reasons she is absolutely perfect for a leading role in Star Wars.

2030 CE

One of Maslany's first roles was as Rome Greyson in six episodes of the Canadian television show 2030 CE. Aside from being utterly adorable, it's your first glimpse at a girl who clearly loves futuristic, sci-fi stuff. You know, like Star Wars. And Star Wars. And also Star Wars.

Instant Star

Maslany also appeared in the Canadian television show, Instant Star, which has great crossover appeal due to the fact that it aired on The N alongside Degrassi — a.k.a. the television show from which we imported Nina Dobrev. Justin Bieber aside, Canada is just a breeding ground of talent like Maslany's, talent we absolutely need to see in Star Wars.

Parks and Rec

You know how Parks and Rec is all ending and everything? Guess who guest starred on an episode of the program as Nadia Stasky for two episodes? That's right. This girl. Sure, Maslany is no Amy Poehler, but she and Poehler do have at least one thing in common — they both know how to portray fun, feminist leads, as evidenced from...

Orphan Black

Did I mention she played clone Sarah playing clone Allison who was, at the time, pretending to be her husband Donny? And they all managed to seem like three distinct people? I can't. I cannot with her. If Orphan Black isn't enough to convince you that she belongs in Star Wars, then at least let it convince you that she deserves all the awards. Maybe one day people will start listening.

Saturday Night Live

Maslany also appeared in an episode of Saturday Night Live, showing off her comedic chops in this hilarious song, "HUGS." Because not only does she do drama and sitcoms well, but she also does comedy well. She just does everything well. I know I'm biased, but it's also just plain true.


Maslany has been in a lot of projects aside from the above listed, and she also has quite a few projects coming up — among which Star Wars would be lucky to be counted. Like any good Orphan Black fan, it pains me deeply that Maslany has gone this far in her career without the recognition and accolades that she deserves. Being cast as the lead in Star Wars might finally bring her into the kind of mainstream fame she has always deserved, and open more doors for her in American media than anything else ever has. This truly talented actress could only make that film better.