This Girl Is Your Favorite New College Celebrity

When you're up late studying and you're tired, but don't want to drink gross library coffee, who you gonna call? If you happen to go to Auburn, you can call up Keurig Girl: the girl who gives out free coffee (and brings her Keurig to the library). I'm equal parts thrilled because this is awesome and mad that I didn't come up with this idea first. Welp, back to the drawing board for me.

Anyway, Keurig Girl has a name and it's Madison Collins, self-proclaimed weirdo who randomly brought her coffee machine to the library one fateful night she knew she'd be up late. Turns out, not having to wait on line or pay for coffee is convenient, so she did it through finals week and quickly, her nickname and M.O. spread throughout the campus like wildfire, thanks in part to Yik Yak (according to Madison's blog).

In addition to providing free coffee, Madison also gives people mugs for free--not even the cheap styrofoam kind, like she actually gives people her own mugs to wash out and give back to her. All you have to do is find her location on social media and come to her with droopy eyes, in need of caffeine. That's it.

In an interview with Cosmo, Madison talked about her sudden rise to "fame." First, the question I know that's on everyone's mind: how much coffee does she drink? The answer is five cups a day, which I hope we can unanimously agree is too much, girl!

However, they didn't answer the one question that is eating me up inside--how much all this kindness costs. Also, how many k-cups does she use per day? How often does she have to replenish her supply? How is she affording all this? These are the answers I may never have the privilege of knowing. But Madison did say that she'll never charge for her coffee or mugs (even though she could make serious bank doing it) because she says, "My conscience just won't allow me!"

And just when you thought this story couldn't get more amazing, I'm here to tell you that Madison has some exciting stuff in the works. For one, Keurig tweeted at her that they would be sending her a "surprise". Free lifetime supply of coffee, perhaps? There's also a hashtag movement to get her on Ellen, called (you guessed it) #KeurigGirlOnEllen.

I'm rooting for her; I don't think this will be the last we see of Keurig Girl. It goes to show you that a little kindness (and a lot of caffeine addiction) can go a long way. Sorry that was cheesy but I mean I kind of had to.

BTW, head over to Cosmo for the full interview.

Photos: Zach Blomeley / Twitter; Giphy (3)