Don't Do This To Us, Bonne Bell!

Say it isn't so! Another one of the beloved brands of our youth has died a slow and painful death. Bonne Bell Co. is closing its doors. Yes, the brand the brought Lip Smackers into our lives is following in the footsteps of other '90s and early '00s gems, such as delia*s and Wet Seal, that just couldn't cut it in a world populated by H&M stores and Urban Decay Naked palettes.

According to, the chief operating officer of Bonne Bell sent a letter to the local mayor's office, saying the company "will be permanently laying off employees and closing substantially all manufacturing and distribution operations at the facility located at 1006 Crocker Road in Westlake Ohio. in connection with the sale of a significant portion of the business."

But don't go erecting a grave for your favorite flavor just yet. The names have been purchased by Markwins International, which owns such well-known brands as Wet n' Wild, Physicians Formula, and The Color Workshop. You very well might be able to get your hands on Dr. Pepper and Strawberry-flavored Smackers for years to come.

"For Markwins, Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker will undoubtedly reach a new consumer and enhance our retail relationships," said Eric Chen, Chief Executive Officer of Markwins in a press release. "But on a personal level, Markwins' brands have always aimed to connect with consumers in an intimate way. Bonne Bell is an industry icon, with a rich history dating back 87 years and with 94% consumer recognition. These numbers are staggering in our business, but the smiles the name alone brings to the faces of the consumers are much more impactful."

Still, it's sad to think the company behind Lip Smackers will soon be no more, even if we're still able to scoop up our favorite flavors at CVS.