Good News, Gorillaz Fans!

Amazing news for fans of the Gorillaz today (in other words, the song that got the phrase "windmill, windmill" stuck in your head for, like, a whole decade): According to Billboard, band co-creator Jamie Hewlett has confirmed that the animated project band Gorillaz are officially set to make their return to the music scene in the upcoming months. OK, who else is already planning a Gorillaz listening party, stat?!

News broke of the band's imminent return after Hewlett took to Instagram to post some new artwork of the band. With pretty vague captions, it was a little bit unclear what was going on — but, when one fan commented to ask what everyone else was wondering about the revival of Gorillaz, Hewlett responded to the post with a simple reply: "Yes Gorillaz Returns." Cue: REJOICE.

Though no one but Hewlett and co-creator Damon Albarn know exactly what to expect from the band's new album — especially since it's been so long since the group's last release back in 2011 — there are a few ways fans can prep for their return and get even more excited about it: And the top is, without a doubt, listening to the band's most famous tracks that are, without a doubt, totally iconic.

"Feel Good Inc."

"Clint Eastwood"


"Dirty Harry"

Sadly, we don't have any sneak peeks of what to come other than Hewlett's art, but, hopefully listening to some of the oldies you totally excited for what's in store. Welcome back, guys!