All The Reasons To Wear Red This V-Day

V-Day has rolled around yet again, so it's time to plan your wardrobe for this celebration of the Marriage Industrial Complex. Hooray! But seriously, guys... Putting aside my bitterness, there are plenty of reasons to wear red on Valentine’s Day, beginning with the fact that it's the same color as your favorite kind of wine. Furthermore, it matches the red lipstick that you'll probably be wearing to mask your red wine-stained lips. That's what we in the literary professions call a "win-win."

Whether you're single or spoken for, a red dress, top, pant, or pump is a great way to commemorate the holiday. If you have a significant other, you may be donning crimson in earnest for a candlelit Italian dinner a lá Lady & The Tramp. Why? Because you love February 14th and want to keep its rituals and customs sacred. Plus, it's guaranteed that someone will be aroused by your red outfit, thus feeling compelled to tear these garments off of your willing body at night's end. Red is also the way to go if you're single and totally hate the whole shebang. On one hand, you can grab your best friend, throw on some red, go on a mock V-Day date, and use the occasion as an excuse to get crazy drunk and make fun of people. Plus, a one-night-stand is always an option!

Without further ado, here are all the reasons that you should don red on V-day.

You're more likely to get lucky

According to science, this color has the capacity to get you laid. As reported by the Pacific Standard, a study published in the Personality and Psychology Bulletin of 2014 found that women wearing this particular color are perceived to be more sexually available. I.E, that handsome stranger alone at the bar will be powerless to resist your red-dress clad animal magnetism. Your body is ready.

It boosts confidence and energy

According to certain color therapy websites, red symbolizes courage, strength, confidence, spontaneity, and determination. When used in color therapy, it's said to eliminate fatigue, stimulate circulation, and treat low blood pressure. Basically, it encourages you to turn off Netflix, get off your couch, and start living. Cheers, to leaving the house sometimes!!

It's the best stain catching-color for V-Day foods

Think about it. Everything you're going to consume at that romantic Lady & The Tramp-style Italian dinner matches your dress: red wine, spaghetti sauce, more red wine. Thus, anything that may splatter onto your collar or fall in your lap basically won't stain. Huzzah!

There are songs written about you

Every time you hear "Lady in Red" during the night, you can jump up and down, and exclaim "IT'S ABOUT ME!"

Being festive is fun

Especially as a singleton, it's pretty easy to be a V-day scrooge and try to boycott any festive acknowledgment of this Hallmark Holiday. However, it's much easier (and more fun) to participate in a small way, just to mark that this day is slightly different than other days. Might as well join 'em if you can't beat 'em.

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