Lenny Kravitz's Super Bowl Halftime Performance With Katy Perry Proves He's Just As Cool As Ever — VIDEO

Guys, who knew that Lenny Kravitz was still actively singing and performing? Honestly, I thought he was just acting in Precious and getting big roles in The Hunger Games films to keep raking in the money. But Kravitz performed at the Super Bowl along with Katy Perry and went back to his original rock star roots. And guys, Lenny Kravitz is sexy. How old is Lenny Kravitz, you say? He's 50 YEARS OLD, and perfect as ever.

When I first heard that Perry's special guest performer was Kravitz, I couldn't really understand the correlation between the two singers/performers. Perry is so obviously pop (but don't get me wrong, still awesome) and she's so colorful and over-the-top, Kravitz is the king of cool but only gets colorful in his scarf and under-the-leather-jacket-shirt game. Plus the surprise guest of the evening was Missy Elliot who again doesn't seem like the most obvious collaborator. Yet somehow, the whole scenario worked like a dream: A strange bubblegum filled, rockstar fire, Hip Hop gold chain fever dream from which I don't think I want to wake up.

The performance including Katy Perry arriving in on a gigantic animatronic lion performing "Roar," Missy Elliott killing it in every possible way and Lenny Kravitz making Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" even better than ever imaginable. This halftime show might have been the best since Beyonce broke the stadium and I loved every second of it. My only small, almost insignificant complain: More Lenny Kravitz please!