6 Celebrity Parents Who Homeschool Their Children, Because Kim & Kanye Aren't the Only Ones

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It's never been a secret that homeschooling is a pretty popular option for celebrities who have children. Although going to a traditional school has its benefits, like socialization and interaction with other kids, children who are in the public eye experience things a little differently — especially if their parents are so famous that they believe their kid might be in danger at a regular school. And fortunately, celebrity parents have access to a lot of resources that other parents don't... mostly, unlimited amounts of cash, which can obviously unlock the best schooling opportunities ever. This is why I wasn't too surprised when Kanye West may or may not have revealed that he and Kim Kardashian are planning to homeschool North West. Well, as far as one of his most recent raps tell us, anyway.

On Big Sean's song, "Blessings," West raps about his future: "Just did a couple laps in my home pool/And my daughter over there getting homeschooled/I'm blessed."

Now to analyze. Of course, West's choice of words could just be because "pool" and "school" rhyme... or maybe he's actually announcing that he and Kardashian are planning to teach North at home. Not shocking — and North will definitely be in great company.

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