9 Most Adorable 'Kitten Bowl' Moments Because Cats Are Way Cutest Than Football — VIDEOS

I've never been much of a football person, but I've always been a cat person, which means that this Super Bowl Sunday, I was only looking forward to one thing: Hallmark Channel's second annual Kitten Bowl. Similar to the Puppy Bowl, these 92 cats — many of them named after pro football players like Ryan Fitzcatrick — will participate in various If cats alone don't do it for you, there are even celebrity guests... mostly Mario Lopez, because that man has his hands in everything. The best news of all? All of these cats are available for adoption, and they're so precious that I bet all of them will find loving homes today. The worst news? Their loving home will not be with me, because the kitties I already own wouldn't be too pleased. But onto the adorableness!

Ranging from events that include more traditional cat toys like remote control mice to the kitties chasing around a football on a padded kitty-sized football field, there was basically no part of the Bowl that wouldn't convert a dog person into a cat person in a single second. Warning: These super cute moments are going to make you want to adopt all of these cats. All of them.

In Which They Climb All Over The Goal Post

Good. Lord. How do you become a commentator for kitten-related sports? Send an application my way.

In Which One Cat Decides To Take A Time Out

It's okay, cat. I have to do that sometimes, too. And yes, that is Regis Philbin talking in the background. Why wouldn't it be?

In Which Nobody's Tail Was Safe

It doesn't take long to learn that puns are the backbone of this event. One more reason to love it that much more!

In Which Aaron Pawdgers Was So Done

That's a fowl.

In Which The Panthers Scored A Touchdown

It still wasn't enough to save them, though.

In Which Sometimes, Nap Time Is Necessary.

Guys, a football game is going on! Wake up!

In Which Substance Abuse Was Involved

Gotta watch out for that catnip, man. These guys are ruthless.

In Which There Was Slo-Mo

Would it really be a football game if there wasn't slo-mo?

In Which This Guy Got Distracted From The Game At Hand

I... don't think you're using that toy right.