Does Vail Still Work at SUR? She's Busy With Plenty of Other Things Besides 'Vanderpump'

Kristen was just let go by Lisa Vanderpump in the last episode of Vanderpump Rules, but there may be another cast member who's also going to be leaving the service staff by the end of the season. She's not a full time member of the VR cast, but does Vail Bloom still work at SUR? It seems like she may be taking a break from working in the Beverly Hills restaurant, and I figured it out the way I figure out everything in my life: by stalking her on Instagram and Twitter, which give no suggestion that she's been spending a lot of time with Jax, Scheana, and the rest of the crew.

Vail is a great voice of reason for the show, so if her employment there has come to an end, it will be disappointing to fans of the show and to fans of common sense. But unlike many of the other SUR-vers, she hasn't made her career in the service industry, but as an actress (she was nominated for an Emmy for her part in the cast of The Young & the Restless). And she's not even a main member of the cast, so there isn't much keeping her tied to the restaurant.

But as fun as it's been to have an actual wise person (no shade... OK, a moderate amount of shade) join the staff of SUR, Vail may have finally moved on. Of course, they're not filming Season 4 yet, so there's still hope she could be back this summer to be on the show. But in the meantime, she's been:

Traveling Around the World

Every few weeks, she'll post a picture in an airport or Tweet while on a plane, followed by beautiful beaches and exotic locations. I don't know many servers that get that many days off a year or have the cash to take an extended break.

Spending Time with Non-SUR Friends

Checking on Vail's pictures shows a whole lot of nice dinners, clubs, and birthday parties, just not with the staff over at SUR or at Bravo events. Looks like while Vail is more than willing to chill with the rest of her cast in front of the camera, her friendships with them haven't lasted beyond the time she's spent working there.

She's Back in Front of the Camera

She's recently posted gratitude for her fans watching reruns of her TV work on Cold Case, and is due to be in a new movie, Too Late , this year, though it may not materialize because the only source available is IMDB. And while a lot of actors support themselves by working as waiters or waitresses on the side, I'm sure they would happily take the chance to quit their day job permanently. Looks like maybe Vail has finally reached the point where she's no longer forced to work two jobs.

She Has a New Part-Time Gig

Plus, the Ivy League graduate Vail is now tutoring kids. So if she's doing that and picking up acting work, then there's no reason why she'd need two side jobs.

Image: Jeff Daly/Bravo