'Bridesmaids' Chris O'Dowd Is Officially A Dad & His Son's Name Is Both Original & Creative — PHOTO

You guys, exciting news that has absolutely nothing to do with the Super Bowl (thank goodness): There's a Bridesmaids baby in the world! Chris O'Dowd announced on Twitter that he became a dad. Or, as you probably better know him as, the adorable cop from Bridesmaids and the big ol' douche who was married to Jessa on Girls. The details? Well the actor made a Kutcher-esque move by tweeting a picture of a months old baby, clad in his wife's hairdo and his iconic beard. So clearly, while it's hilarious to look at, it's not the real deal O'Dowd-O'Porter kiddo. But, he did reveal that the baby is a boy and that his name is Art O'Porter. A solid name for a little dude, I think. And, far less pretentious than that of his Girls character, Thomas-John.

His wife took away a bit of the mystery surrounding the joyful surprise, though, and revealed that as of Sunday, little Art was a week old. And, that despite his utter newness and intrusion into the family, they sorta kinda like him... a whole lot. I just hope that Art gets an ounce of the humor he and his parents clearly possess. Because, as evidenced by his birth announcement, I have a feeling that that is going to be one fun household to grow up in, so long as he's game for a little clowning around.