Skittles' 2015 Super Bowl Commercial Is Pretty "Meh," Considering The Brand's Hilarious History — VIDEO

You may think the Super Bowl is synonymous with wings, beer, and cheese dips, but this year, it's all about little balls of high fructose corn syrup in brightly colored shells: Skittles' 2015 Super Bowl commercial "It Will Be Settled" left a mark on the evening's festivities. While the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots prepared for the big match, Skittles added to the excitement and teased their ad, which shows older men and women in a dusty small town preparing for a big match of their own.

Other than the fact that they all look worn from long hours spent on the farm, each person also has an overly developed right arm. Like, hulking, huge, massive right arms. WHAT DOES IT MEAN. Do they have Skittles packed in their biceps? If someone dislocates a shoulder, do Skittles pour out instead of blood? Is this some sort of message about diabetes and the amount of sugar Americans consume on a yearly basis? Nay. This is a Skittles Super Bowl commercial and it is, a little underwhelming.

We're fighting over lemon Skittles, which I can get behind, but I did expect a little more humor from that brand that's delivered some serious laffs in the past. After it's discovered that only one lemon is left, there's a call to "settle it the usual way." And that usual way? An arm wrestling contest in the middle of the town. Hence everyone's huge right arms.

What, no lefties in the group?

Here's the teaser:

And here's the full thing: