Everyone's Freaking Out Over the Budweiser Puppy

Okay, who cares about the Seahawks, the Patriots, and Deflategate when you've got puppies. And I'm not talking about the adorable little players of this year's Puppy Bowl — as DVR-worthy as they are — but instead, Budweiser's "Lost Dog" Super Bowl ad, which has commanded more attention by the second quarter of the big game than any player currently trying to tackle their way to a win on the field. Not that we didn't see this coming — the beer company is famous for producing tear-worthy commercials in recent years, despite the fact that it had previously been more associated with burping frogs and your hairy, shirtless uncle than, you know, cute things.

So, predictably, people were immediately obsessed with the "Lost Dog" Budweiser ad, in which a puppy returns home to his Clydesdale BFF (see last year's ad for reference) after getting, well, lost, and avoiding a dangerous face-off with a coyote. But it was impossible to predict just how touched audiences would be upon seeing the ad. I guess that's what a six-pack combined with acid reflux will do to you.

Immediately after the "Lost Dog" ad aired, reactions poured in via the commercial's #BestBuds and #BudweiserPuppy hashtag.

Even Bustle's own Twitter feed couldn't. Even. Handle. It.

Regardless of who wins the game tonight, can you say touchdown for Budweiser? And in case you want to see the ad again (and you know you do):