'Pitch Perfect 2' Super Bowl Trailer Premieres & Even The Green Bay Packers Are On Board

If you can pry yourself away from the unexpectedly spectacular Katy Perry & Lenny Kravitz halftime show for a second, we need to talk about the Pitch Perfect 2 Super Bowl trailer. Naturally, we were all aching to get a glimpse at the Barton Bellas back in action, but being that this is the Super Bowl after all, there were some all important guest stars: The Green Bay Packers, notably Clay Matthews. Well played, Bellas.

Of course, we and the Green Bay Packers will have to wait until the middle of may until we can see what the girls are up to, but the short (way too short) trailer gave us a little taste of that harmonizing we've all been craving. And yes, that was Anna Kendrick singing "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood. Our collective karaoke dreams just came to life.

When Pitch Perfect 2 comes out on May 15, the Super Bowl will be far behind us as the Barton Bellas attempt to win a competition that "no American team has ever won." Elizabeth Banks will return to direct (and for a cameo) and this time, we'll see the added girl power of Ms. Katey Sagal and Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit. And it's gonna be aca-awesome.

Pitch Perfect on YouTube

Image: Universal Pictures