Dancing Sharks Are the New Super Bowl Icons

by Keertana Sastry

As an avid football fan, I can say one thing for absolute certain about the 2015 Super Bowl: The Katy Perry halftime show made up the most memorable moments of the whole night. And within that acid trip reality of a show that featured Lenny Kravitz and the queen of hip-hop Missy Elliott, was one of the most entertaining images to come out of a Super Bowl halftime show since Hulk Beyoncé: Dancing sharks.

During Perry's insane show, she arrived on a giant metallic lion with glowing red eyes, she had Lenny Kravitz singing "I Kissed A Girl," and she sang back-up for Missy Elliott while the rapper performed her greatest hits. And Perry's back-up dancers were also dressed as various animals and inanimate objects. So, yeah, this was pretty great. But nothing was better than the dancers dressed as sharks dancing to both "Teenage Dream" and "California Girls" (fittingly, since the music video includes some of the most trippy scenes of all time).

Apparently the entire world agrees with me, as fans upon fans took to Twitter and other social media outlets to celebrate the sharks the only way they knew how: with memes. I'm not sure whether to be joyous over the intelligence of the Internet or completely baffled by what goes viral this day and age. Some people referenced famous pop culture moments with their dancing shark memes:

Others decided to reveal the true identities of the dancers behind the sharks, and their many struggles.

Even the legendary Snoop Dogg joined on the joke!

In the end, one thing was definitely clear:

Dancing sharks forever.