The Emotional Stages Of Cutting Your Hair Off

I have two distinct memories of being mistaken for a boy as a kid, thanks to the bowl cut that my mom saddled me with for most of my early childhood. Looking back, I can’t blame her for the unfortunate cut. When you have three daughters’ hair to deal with and one of them (me) doesn’t like having her hair brushed, short hair is the path of least resistance. Plus, it was a popular haircut at the time; my class photos from those years show several other girls (and let’s be honest, boys as well) with the same look. Still, my bowl cut chapter is probably why it took me nearly two decades to even consider going short again after my hair finally grew out.

Between wanting to donate my hair and a case of celebrity bob envy, I decided to go for a drastic haircut. I was ready to do it, so there were no tears or any real regret — at least not that lasted beyond a moment or two. Mostly, it’s been fun rediscovering short hair. Even though I do miss certain things about my long locks, a bob has its own unique benefits package. I’m not yet sold on the idea that short hair is the only way, but my hair mentality is definitely evolving.

Here are 15 thoughts that may pop into your head as you adjust to your first bob:

1. I have no hair!

Even though you knew it’ll be short, it’s still a surprise when you run your hands through it.

2. It’s so light.

The fresh ends and the bounce are great.

3. Hmm… it’s especially short in the back...

If you’re not used to short layers, the first look at the back can be a shock.

4. OMG, I don’t look like Kate Gosselin, do I???

Chances are your layers are not as intense as hers were, even if it feels like it.

5. Or Ramona Quimby, Age 8?

If you’re like me and had your only short hair experience as a kid, you worry that it makes you look like a pre-teen again.

6. You know what? It’s really cute.

As you get used to seeing yourself with a bob, you start to appreciate it.

7. Dude, I’m going to save so much money on shampoo.

Less hair means less shampoo, so you get to spend that money on something else.

8. But my neck is definitely kinda cold.

Until it’s gone, you don’t truly appreciate how good of a job your hair does of keeping your neck warm.

9. I guess I don’t need this hair tie?

When you discover you can barely put your hair up, there’s no longer any reason to keep a hair tie on hand. Suddenly, your wrist feels naked.

10. I need to grow my hair out again. Now.

It's normal to mourn your longer locks a bit.

11. Wow, how is it already dry?

Wet hair becomes easier to deal with.

12. And it doesn't get caught on anything!

Rolling over in bed, taking off a seatbelt, drying your hair, and so many other activities are suddenly safer.

13. Two days later, it still somehow looks clean...

You can get away with not washing your hair quite as often.

14. I don’t ever want long hair again!

This short hair love affair means no more long tresses.

15. Well, at least not for a while…

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your options open.

Images: Eugenio Marongiu/Fotolia; Giphy (15)