Karlie Kloss and Iris Apfel Make The Best Duo

OMG! Fashion doesn't get anymore heart clutchingly adoable than moments like this, when generations collide. Karlie Kloss and Iris Apfel pose for Kate Spade's Spring/Summer 2015 campaign and it's presented like a sweet family photo of Kloss and her beloved and infinitely stylish grandmother.

Kloss and Apfel are of two very different generations, but both have exerted their influence in the fashion world. The leggy Kloss is of the Instagram generation, where models are further reaching their constituents and fashion lovers through social media. Apfel is/was a socialite, an interior designer, and a fashion icon — plus, I'd say she singlehandedly made oversize glasses cool for everyone.

Together, Kloss and Apfel make quite a pair, seated on a park bench, enjoying a sunny afternoon. Like I can't with them. I am totally crushin'.

Kloss looks elegant in her crisp white frock and sandals, while Apfel's bold accessories, like the aforementioned shades, the structured bag, and that statement bow, are from another era without coming across as too vintage or too costume-like. It's just... Apfel being Apfel and the results have me fawning over this pair.

Can we take a second to talk about those polka dot socks, too? Even as a nonagenarian, Apfel has not missed a single step. She is as stylish and as unique as ever. And yeah, K. Kloss looks good, too.

Image: Getty Images; Kate Spade