You've Been Cooking Pasta Completely Wrong

You learn something new every day. Today's lesson: we've all been cooking pasta completely wrong. Well, technically the way we've all been doing it will still get the pasta cooked, but it's costing us a lot more time and effort than necessary. Apparently, the best way to cook pasta is actually in a frying pan with cold water. Huh. I only just ate breakfast, but now I want to go and try and cook some pasta to see if this method, which saves time, energy, water, AND gives you a thickened pasta water sauce at the end you can use in other cooking, is actually better. The part that's blowing my mind the most is that, using this method, you cook the pasta in cold water, which keeps the noodles from sticking together — WITH NO OLIVE OIL. WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON RIGHT NOW?

The world as you know it has changed forever. You can no longer throw pasta into a pot of boiling water greased with oil and salted, because you'll always know that's the wrong way. How can you live with yourself, cooking pasta the wrong way? I know that I won't be able to. Watch the video for below and see for yourself how you've been FAILING at cooking the simplest thing there is to cook.

Image: Pixabay