How To Look As Fab As Dame Mirren On The Subway

There are certain spaces in the world that just don't require an effort to impress anyone. There's no need for extra niceness or out-of-your-way small talk; you're just there, and then you leave. One of those spaces? The subway. While going to and from work or an evening out will sometimes require a cute outfit, there's certainly nothing that says the subway is the fashion runway of the real world. So, hey, if you happen to be riding somewhere on a not-so-cute day, it's not really a big deal — but what if you could up your subway game just a little? Or a lot? OK — now what if you could be getting advice from Dame Hellen Mirren? Exactly. I'm in too. Recently, some snapped a photo of Helen Mirren riding the subway (and looking fabulous), and I think we all have some lessons to learn here.

Whether you couldn't care less about fashion or you wake up in the morning and spend more time changing outfits than eating breakfast, let's see what we can gain from paying attention to Mirren's entire look, shall we? Because, let's face it, anyone who is wearing bright purple gloves on the subway is a queen — or, well, a dame. Here are 5 subway style tips, as inspired by Dame Helen Mirren herself.

1. When In Doubt, Wear Purple Gloves

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Purple is, after all, the color of royalty, my friends. You think that color choice was a mistake? Of course not. Dame Helen Mirren is deliberate in her wardrobe choices when joining the dregs of society on the subway. The purple says, "I'm better than you," while her presence alone says, "I'm still one of you, though. Sort of." It's a confusing, but powerful. Kind of like when Kate and Will showed up at that one basketball game.

2. Master THE LOOK

What is "THE LOOK," you ask? It's simply a straight-faced glance off into the distance that says, "I do not have time for nonsense. Don't try to speak to me. I am IMPORTANT." Again, this works well with the purple gloves. It's kind of similar to the Kanye West selfie from the Super Bowl. It's a little bit of "I am disgusted with the state of humanity," and a little "I am mentally writing my next book." Simply put, Dame Helen Mirren doesn't have time for your BS.

3. Have A Chic Carry-All — And DO NOT Let It Touch The Ground

If you're going to buy a wildly expensive carry-all bag (let's just assume Mirren's is expensive, because it probably is), do not give yourself away as a run-of-the-mill, normal, everyday human by placing it on the tainted ground, for God's sake. You are better than that. Nothing screams, "this purse isn't really expensive, even though it may look that way," like plopping it on the ground like a commoner's sack of potatoes. Have some respect for yourself.

4. Wear A Coat With A Fur Collar, Just Because

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I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory. As far back as history goes, fur collars and/or coats have been a sign of power and the elite, "I feast daily and watch people juggle while the rest of my kingdom starves" kind of people*. I mean you have Charles V, Queen Elizabeth, Snoop Dogg... and the list goes on. Dame Helen Mirren is clearly among that group, and she wants us all to know.

*Based on literally zero historical facts and/or research.

5. Pixie Cuts Are For The Powerful

I'm just saying, if you want instant respect: Cut your hair really short. It just works. That is all.

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