This Is How You Cook A Tiny Breakfast With Tiny Food In A Tiny Kitchen, Because Food Should Be Delicious And Adorable — VIDEO

Everyone knows breakfast food is the best kind of food, but did you ever think it could be the most cutest food? YouTuber AAAjoken made a real, edible miniature breakfast out of tiny food, cooked in a tiny, fully functional doll's house kitchen in a demonstration of shameless adorableness. The video starts in the mini kitchen with the ingredients being showed off: a tiny sausage, and a little quail egg. There are also mini coffees, and tiny pots of boiling water. I mean, this is basically my 10-year-old self's dream. Actually cooking real food in a doll's house kitchen? If all tiny kitchens operated this way, being a kid just LEVELED UP. The practicality of it!

On a teeny tiny flame, the eggs are scrambled in a teeny tiny frying pan using the end of a single chopstick. The sausage is cut with a small razor blade and fried the same way. And yes, the flame is from a small lighter. I just want to make tiny meals all the time now. These mini-meals would never fill anyone up, but how precious is it? After watching the video below, your regular-sized food just wont seem quite cute enough. Stupid, dumb, big food.

AAAjoken toys on YouTube

Image: YouTube