19 Items To Buy For Your Mental Health, Because Self-Care Isn't Always Free

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For those of us with mental health issues — and in that category I'm including everything from low mood and stress to disorders requiring daily medication — self-care is often a huge part of the battle to remain functional. Doctors, therapists, support groups, friends, and family help us to move forward, but we have to take care of ourselves, too. Self-care is a huge category, encompassing everything from pleasurable activities like massages to the very basics of getting dressed and fed, but the need to feel nourished in all ways is a crucial element of your health, and studies show that good self-care can reduce the frequency and severity of relapses.

This is a curated collection of products, apps, books and accessories that target many aspects of self-care, from practical therapy aids to luxurious self-pampering designed to make you feel worthwhile and healthy. Unfortunately not even Scrooge McDuck-level moneybags could buy you perfect mental functioning, but a few items here and there could make the really bad days a little less black.

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