Yawns and Hiccups, Explained

Our bodies do some strange things, and true to form, I must know why. Why do we hiccup? Why does it seem that some people sleepy-yawn more than chubby children's book characters? Why does my eye twitch when I'm no more than three k-cups deep? If you've ever had similarly profound life questions, wonder no more, as aptly named YouTube channel "It's Okay To Be Smart" is breaking it all down for us.

The channel, hosted by the gloriously wire-rimmed Joe Hanson, Ph.D. and funded by PBS Digital Studios describes its mission story by stating, "We live in the future, and everyone should know that it's OK to be smart!" Hanson is a biologist and science writer hailing from Austin, Texas who quit his day job in favor of the glorious mission of teaching people all the things.

Turns out, these involuntary bodily activities have pretty solid purposes; an eye twitch could be due to fatigue, dryness, caffeine (I KNEW IT), or exposure to bright lights. Ever sneezed in the sun and wondered why? It's genetic, and you're just a bit special because only one in four people do so. For more interesting little tidbits and insights on your body, check out the video below.

Images: It's Okay To Be Smart/YouTube (2)