'Once Upon A Time' Is Bringing Back Villain Zelena In Season 4, But It Probably Won't Be In Storybrooke

Something wicked this way comes... again. Once Upon a Time is bringing back a major villain in Season 4, but it's not exactly a back-from-the-dead situation. Instead, Zelena, a.k.a. the Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader), will return for flashbacks this season instead of wreaking havoc in Storybrooke. Last time we saw Zelena at the end of Season 3, she was turned into porcelain and stabbed by Rumplestiltskin's dagger — something that no one has yet uncovered since he changed the security footage from the jail cell. Now that Rumple is out of Storybrooke — seemingly for good after Belle banished him — the truth probably won't come out, but with that many skeletons in Rumple's closet, some of them are due for a big reveal.

As for Zelena, it remains to be seen whether her flashbacks will tackle her time before she turned green with envy (and evil), or if it will be more recent from her Wicked Witch days. Either way, it will be great to have Mader back onscreen. If there are more interactions between Zelena and Regina, that will be even better. Seeing them face off was always a treat, and if there's anyone who can give Regina a good fight, it's her crazy half-sister.

Image: ABC