Where To Buy 'Shark Tank's Drain Strain, The Clog Stopper That Pulled Through At The Last Minute

Indoor plumbing is a very good thing — I think we can all agree on that. But just because modern conveniences allow us to stay warm while doing our business doesn't mean they're entirely problem free. Case in point: clogged drains. There are few things grosser than having to reach into the bowels of your sink to remove a blockage or recover a lost ring — and getting a plumber to do it gets pretty expensive. That's why Drain Strain, a company pitching on Shark Tank 's Feb. 3 episode, is about to become your new best friend.

Drain Strain is a simple but ingenious idea. The product is a small capsule that fits inside your sink's drain and filters everything that comes down the pipe. If something falls in there or the drain gets backed up, simply pop off the capsule and replace it with a fresh one: bam, you've unclogged your drain or found your lost item. Especially for anyone with long hair that can become a plumbing hazard, Drain Strain could save you a whole bunch of time and money that would've gone towards your sink maintenance. Check out this gif from Drain Strain inventor Naushad Ali's IndieGoGo campaign, below.

Drain Stain, $13, Amazon

Ready to never deal with disgusting clogged sinks again? Drain Strain just recently became available, but there's still plenty to know about the product.

What Stage of Production are They In?

Back in the summer, when Ali made his IndieGoGo campaign, he asked funders to help him raise $25,000 for design, engineering, testing, and the first production run of Drain Strain. Unfortunately, the project only received $2,010, or 8 percent of their goal. However on Tuesday, the Drain Strain website suddenly appeared back online after having been taken down, and is currently selling the product. You can buy the Drain Strain in different metal finishes ranging from $14.99 to $19.99, as well as replacement baskets, and also pay for someone to install it for you.

Before Tuesday, things seemed pretty bleak for the company, though Ali apparently made a comment on the blog Shark Tank Success just a few days before . He wrote that he hasn't given up on Drain Strain, and that the website should be back up soon. Clearly, he followed through on that promise.

How Much Do Similar Products Go For?

A quick search reveals that Ali is not the first person to get frustrated by a clog. There are lots of similar products out there (which is not a good sign for Drain Strain's Shark Tank odds). Most fit over the outside of the drain like a cover, whereas Drain Strain actually goes in the pipe out of sight, which is one advantage is has over competitors. On Amazon, I found a range of prices for other drain strainers, ranging from about $8 for cheaper plastic models, up through $50 for fancier designs. Yes, drain covers come in "cheap" and "fancy" varieties. The more you know.

Will The Sharks Bite?

Shark Tank has a way of surprising you. These guys got to where they are by having more business savvy than the average person, after all. But, unless I'm very much mistaken, I don't think that Drain Strain is going to be a hit. The IndieGoGo campaign failed to provide proof of concept or attract buyers, the company's website and social media pages were only just updated in time for the show, and there are already plenty of established competitors on the market. Sorry Drain Strain, but I don't think the Sharks are biting on this one.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC; DrainStrain/IndieGoGo; SharkTankSuccess/BlogSpot; SharkTankGifs/Tumblr; Giphy