North West Knows How To Work AND Have Fun

Alert: if you've been waiting all day to look at some cute baby photos, well, you're in luck! Kim Kardashian shared photos of North West (yes, even more) and they're as cute as all those other ones previously posted. Not only do we get to see Nori's adorable little face, but we also get to see how she balances work and play. That's right, she's taking after her mom by working hard for the money and then having fun after the job is done.

As you can see in the photos below, North is very serious when it comes to doing her mom's makeup. Let me tell you, she does a fine job. I mean, just look at how flawless Kardashian looks. Clearly, North has been getting makeup tips from her mom and wanted to try them out herself. Does she have a career as a makeup artist in her future? If she keeps up the good work, then there's a good possibility.

The next photo shows North having fun at the zoo before the Super Bowl. I told you she knows how to balance work and play. In all seriousness, North is obviously having fun in each photo with her mom. Plus, we get to stare at the cuteness that is North West.