29 Times Kylie Jenner Proved She Is The Most Stylish Kardashian, From Edgy Rock Tees To Body Con Dresses

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Being the youngest sibling can suck it at times, like when you get hand-me-downs instead of brand new back to school clothes. It can also be a situation that slays, since moms always favor their babies, often letting them get away with murder since they've been there and done that. Being the youngest sibling and youngest female in a house full of fashionable glamazons who are filmed for a reality show watched by millions is one of those sink or swim situations — and Kylie Jenner is doing a flawless backstroke. Kylie Jenner's certainly seen as the edgiest Kardashian, what with her multi-colored hair and all, but what about the most stylish Kardashian? Some might say Kendall takes that title, but I'm definitely Team Kylie. Hear me out.

While her big sis Kendall is the toast of the modeling world right now, Kylie Jenner continues to nab plenty of attention for her lips and her sass. Not gonna lie... next to Scott Disick, who is fully entertaining in his obnoxiousness, Kylie Jenner is my favorite satellite Kardashian, thanks to her irreverence, her insanely on-point sense of style, and her ability to start a trend, rather than chase one.

Whether she is all dolled up or glamsual, Kylie has this innate sense of what works for her sartorially, mixed with a little do-whatever-she-feels-like. Here are 29 times that Kylie proved she is the most stylish Kardsahian. Sorry, Kim, Kendall, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kris.

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