The 'Eye Candy' Stowaway Killing Shifts The Focus Away From Lindy's Serial Killer Stalker

In the vein of the recent Slender Man myth that resulted in terrible violence, MTV's Eye Candy took on the stories of man-made urban legends that went horribly wrong in the fourth episode "YOLO." The show took a break from the Flirtual serial killer who had been stalking Lindy throughout the first three episodes of the season, I'm guess the guy didn't feel like killing anyone this week or maybe he was too busy with a dentist appointment or something. Instead we watched as Lindy helped the NYPD's Cyber Crimes Unit search for the killer of a teenaged girl Amy who was found dead by one of the New York City harbors and her friends who were missing after a wild night out. Lindy made friends with the only teenager, Max, found after the party. And not only realized that he was not the killer, but found online evidence that the kids may have been killed by the supernatural myth of The Stowaway. What is The Stowaway you may ask? Well for starters, it's not a real urban legend and it's definitely not a real supernatural killer.

The Stowaway myth follows a group of teenagers who explore an abandoned ship. All of them are friends except the one loser that always tags along. The group decides to lock the poor kid in the engine room. When his corpse was finally found, his eyes had been eaten out but no one could help him as his cell service was out thanks to being so deep into the ship. As revenge, the myth says the kid goes out looking for others his age who go out to the docks at night.

But here's the twist. It turns out that the myth was created by Max and Amy when they bonded while in rehab for six months together. They were hoping to create a viral sensation and their plan was to prank their friends into believing The Stowaway was real. The friends are eventually found locked in a room of the ship. And Amy's killer ended up being herself.

That's right, the death ended up being ruled an accident as Amy, while filming herself pretending to be scared, accidentally tripped over some rope on the ship, hit her head on the side of the ship and fell into the water all on her own.

The concept of the episode was actually pretty crafty, despite the twist ending being not quite as intriguing as the buildup to the reveal. But the ending's lack of excitement is actually more realistic than most of the murders we see solved on shows like the many Law & Order series, Criminal Minds, and many more. Most of the time death isn't caused by some crazy story of murder, mayhem and extreme violence. Sometimes it happens thanks to bad judgment, random bad luck, and other unfortunate but common situations.

It was also nice to have a break from the intense serial killer case that's been taking over the focus of the viewers and the characters. Because in real life, the police don't have all the time in the world to sit down and dedicate all of their energy to catching one killer. Life keeps going and bad things keep happening. Plus, the series wouldn't be able to sustain itself if it only focused on the Flirtual stalker/serial killer.

The show didn't completely ignore the serial killer that is clearly the crux of the first season. We did learn at the end of "YOLO" that Lindy's sister Sarah could still be alive. Let's hope that e will continue to see other cases getting solved and Lindy getting the chance to make her progress on catching the sicko on her own while also trying to find her Sarah.

Images: MTV (screenshot); dyingtoconncect/Tumblr (2)