Peggy & Jarvis' 'Agent Carter' Relationship Can Be Distilled Down To 2 Emojis, According To James D'Arcy

In addition to everyone pretty much adoring and admiring Hayley Atwell as the leading lady of one of ABC's Marvel series, fans of Agent Carter can't get enough of Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis. In addition to both having a connection to Howard Stark, Peggy and Jarvis share a very special relationship, which we've been privy to since the very beginning of the all-too-short first season (here's hoping for more episodes!). So, how do you think Jarvis and Peggy would describe their unique relationship? Well, I was lucky enough to chat with actor James D'Arcy, who plays Jarvis, and he gladly provided insight into their friendship using emojis.

Let me tell you, if you ever want to hear someone describe emojis, ask D'Arcy. Not only is he a lovely man with an amazing sense of humor, but his use of those special text characters that you either love or hate is beyond words. When I ask him to depict Jarvis and Peggy's relationship emoji-style, he says, "Oh my gosh. This is a nightmare. I’m looking up emojis on my phone."

Later on, after I asked a few more questions, because he needed time to scroll through his phone for the right set of emojis, he found the two that were not only "weird," but he couldn't help but select. Here they are:

So, why this pair? D'Arcy explains, "That’s what I’m going to use to describe Peggy and Jarvis, because I have no idea what I’m talking about."

With that said, you can look at this as D'Arcy just being confused and landing on these two emojis, or wanting to pick the most bizarre emojis available, or reflecting how he really feels about Peggy and Jarvis. Let's go with the latter and dissect what these two emojis mean in regards to their relationship.

Obviously, if you look at the first emoji as fire, then that represents the fiery nature each embody. First, we know how passionate, badass, and strong Peggy is, so that makes sense. Then, we know how fiery, bright, and brilliant Jarvis is, so, yeah, it absolutely logical. However, if you analyze the emoji for what is, which is a name badge, then that offers an entirely different meaning. As we all know, this show focuses greatly on identities, lies, secrets, and spies. Both Jarvis and Peggy are hiding secrets, from one another, their friends, and those hunting Howard Stark. In a way, they both share somewhat of a hidden identity, not to mention a ton of secrets.

Moving on to the color palette, which clearly shows the colorful personalities and emotions each possess. From Peggy's love for Captain America to Jarvis' loyalty to Stark and Peggy to Peggy's respect for herself to Jarvis' hilarious sense of humor, the list goes on and on for these two, hence the colorful emoji.

Overall, D'Arcy may be trying to say this: Peggy and Jarvis both understand one another and share quite the bond, because they carry around secretive information, live similar lifestyles, all while embracing who they are and never forgetting where they came from. Or he just really likes those two emojis. Either way, it just makes me love him even more.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC; grootmorning/Tumblr