Perfect Karaoke Songs For Every 'Flash' Character

Listen up, fans of singing, drunken music choices, and just plain pure joy. The CW's hit series The Flash is giving us a rare treat: A drunken karaoke night with Caitlin Snow and Barry Allen. Tuesday night's episode of The Flash, "Crazy For You," features Caitlin persuading Barry to go out with her (as friends! Sorry 'shippers) for a night on the town so the two lovelorn friends can, for lack of a better term, find some action and get over their respective loves. Caitlin comes up with the brilliant idea to do karaoke, which must have sent Tumblr crashing down as soon as Glee and Grant Gustin fans realized what this meant: A possible return to singing for the man who used to be a Dalton Warbler. Now it's likely we'll be seeing both Barry and Caitlin dust off their pipes in a round of drunken karaoke,but we have yet to bring up the real question worth asking. What song does the Flash sing at drunken karaoke? Better yet, what are all of The Flash characters' drunken karaoke choices?

Since I don't believe Harrison Wells would actually ever sign off on a friendly group-wide karaoke retreat — though how awesome would that be?! — I've decided to ponder this difficult question myself and hypothesize what song each member of our favorite new series' family would belt out when inhibitions are lowered and song choices are unlimited. Because at that point, even Harrison would have to join in.

1. Barry Allen: "Hero" By Enrique Iglesias...

...While singing it to Iris. This is a given.

2. Caitlin Snow: "Roar" By Katy Perry

Because how awesome would it be to see Caitlin just bust out the lyrics "Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar." She deserves the spotlight with a big, bold song.

3. Cisco Ramon: "The Thong Song" By Sisqo

Alright listen, I know that Cisco probably deserves a better song to sing, but remember one important thing: This is drunken karaoke. You know Cisco would pick this ridiculous song from the artist who (kind of) shares his name. And he would have a hell of a good time performing it.

4. Harrison Wells: "Great Pretender" By Queen

The song features more lyrics about pretending to be happy when you're lonely, but the overall message is in keeping with Harrison's whole facade. While I don't believe the guy would come out and just say he's a big liar no matter how many drinks he's had, it might be hinted at in the form of a song when no one else would really notice.

5. Iris West: "These Boots Are Made For Walking" By Nancy Sinatra (or Jessica Simpson)

Don't you think Iris would get extra flirty when drunkenly picking a karaoke song? This one is the perfect fit.

6. Joe West: "Isn't She Lovely" By Stevie Wonder

If we can't see Broadway and singing vet Jesse L. Martin perform something from his Rent days (because honestly, how can he do "I'll Cover You" again without the perfect Angel by his side?), it seems more likely that if Joe were to sing on the series, it would be a song about his daughter (and/or his adopted son). The most obvious choice then would be Stevie Wonder's ode to his daughter.

7. Eddie Thawne: "Roxanne" By The Police

Like Cisco, I don't think this song really has anything to do with Eddie, but considering how secretly and not so secretly goofy Eddie is, I could easily see him belting out this song with his voice cracking and Eddie doing a funny little drunk jig. Plus, a song by a group called The Police? Perfect for Eddie.

8. Henry Allen: "Jailhouse Rock" By Elvis Presley

Come on, it's just too easy.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW; pintasfun, thosegrantgustinfeels (2), rydeforyou, starlingcitygifs, acceber74, eddiethawnegifs, theflashland/Tumblr